TIHOVE TRADING, LDA, have as Strategic Model the following:


It is its vision to be a reference company in Mozambique in the market the conception, institution, implementation, management or exploitation of minimum resources and committed to the satisfaction of the aspirations of all its Stakeholders.


TIHOVE TRADING, LDA’s mission is to contribute to the success of its partners by making its businesses more productive and profitable, quality and exceeding customer expectations to maximize participants’ resources through strong and stable growth and stability. investments in big business.

Providing and managing integrated top-level security solutions that are unique and with a minimum cost increase;
Observing international health, safety and environmental standards;
Employing competent and dedicated staff.


TIHOVE TRADING, LDA, has as its vision to be a reference company in Mozambique, it is governed by a unique vision, it is carried out day-by-day through the application of the following Values:

Maintain high standards of business ethics, namely unity, integrity, commendation, accountability, honesty, and respecting each other as well as your clients.
Provide your workers with a safe and secure work environment. Encouraging loyalty and passion, thus creating a staff dedicated to your work.
Respect civic responsibility, practicing good citizenship and ensuring an open communication path.
Providing a consistent high level of service to its customers.