Bureaucratic Analysis

Detailed presentation to obtain the necessary documents for import and export processes. Explanation of their importance and their correct completion, as well as their respective costs, expiration dates and functionalities. Identification of consenting bodies, certifications, special licenses and trade barriers, both Brazilian and international.

Analysis of Conjuncture

Economic research on the trends of specific segments of the market, based on the demonstration of strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses of those sectors of interest of the clients, providing a panorama on the possible scenarios of growth, stagnation or regression in a given area.

TIHOVE Diagnostics

Organizational analysis of the company (employees, productive capacity, internal management, history, key products) – based on its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities – that allows the understanding of the feasibility to internationalize this or its products.


Determination of the final selling price of the product in the target market, considering aspects such as logistic cost, tariffs, exchange rates, tax deduction, intended profit margin and so on.


Comparative study of the modalities to indicate the best form of transport of the product. It takes into account characteristics such as price, freight time, perishability of the goods involved, distance among others.

International Prospecting

Search, identify and contact importers, exporters or strategic partners that meet the demands of our customers through links, emails, physical networking.