Insurance for companies


Motor insurance is required by law in Mozambique. This insurance provides various packages that cover various types of damages to third parties and / or the insured. Part of these damages includes: occupants, own damage, glass breakage, and other coverages.


This insurance guarantees the indemnification of damages caused to the insured, as a consequence of a possible default by the Debtor (Policyholder) of the contractual or legal obligations established between both, for example, what happens in the bank credit.

This insurance thus assumes an additional guarantee function for the creditor, covering the risk of temporary or definitive default of obligations that, by law or agreement, are liable for a bond, guarantee or guarantee, limiting the obligation to indemnify, by the insurer, to the safe amount itself.


The rural sector faces additional risks to those inherent to all productive activity, because it is subject to adverse natural climatic events and the great price variation. In this scenario, rural insurance is highly complex due to the high exposure to financial risks associated with climate, diseases and commodity prices. These are peculiarities that require strong support from reinsurance and government. To that end, there are grant programs to pay part of the premium ..

Civil responsability

General liability insurance protects the insured company’s assets against risks of bodily injury or material damage to third parties, which are its responsibility, as long as they are involuntary. It guarantees the reimbursement of risks covered, up to the maximum amount of insured sum, of the indemnity amounts determined in a final judicial decision (without possibility of recourse) or in an agreement authorized in writing by the insurer.

Engineering Risks

Engineering risk insurance guarantees protection against hazards that affect all types of civil works, such as fire, execution error, sabotage, theft and qualified theft. The protection is also against damages due to gale, fall of hail, among others, including, damages caused to third parties. It also covers machines and equipment in the process of installation and assembly, in addition to the machinery in operation.


The choice of a business health plan, based on a basic structure, should take into account the accredited network of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, specialized clinics, coverages, accommodation standard and employee participation.


Accidents at work

The Work Accident Insurance is an insurance for employees, which allows the transfer to the International Insurer of Mozambique of the charges resulting from an accident of work of the insured persons, at the company’s service during the hours of service and during the usual route, to and from home.


Transportation insurance guarantees the insured an indemnity for the damages caused to the insured goods during their transport in waterways, land and air travel, in national and international routes.

The cover can be extended while the goods remain in warehouses.